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Ecological Footprint - How many people can live on Earth?

February 6, 2013 18:24 by matthewp

Inside Job Movie

November 23, 2011 02:33 by richardm

Do you want to know what happened in the banking world in 2008, that is having re­percussions in your life NOW?

Transition Dorking are showing Inside Job, an award-winning film that goes behind the scenes, through a series of interviews with key players.

The screening this Sunday (November 27th), from 3pm at Dorking Halls, will be followed by refreshments, and an opportunity to meet a representative from the new SurreySave Credit Union, offering ideas about local financial opportunities.

Tickets are available from Dorking Halls' box office or website, and Mystery Mountain in Dene Street, priced at £7.20 or £5.80 for concessions.

Fetcham Festivities

November 12, 2011 02:12 by richardm

The third recipient of a Green Mole Forum greening grant cheque was Fetcham Community Garden, who received £150 to put towards fruit trees, seeds, peat-free compost, equipment and wildlife boxes.

Pictured are some of the members, who celebrated the projects first anniversary on Saturday 5th November. As well as a birthday cake and homemade pumpkin soup, prizes were awarded to those who'd helped out, young and old, over the past year.

Leatherhead and Fetcham Community Gardens

October 31, 2011 20:17 by richardm

Leatherhead Community Garden, now based at West Hill School, will be holding a working party from 9am to 3pm this Saturday (5th November). See their events page for full details (along with information on The Chickens' First Birthday! event, on Saturday 12th).

On the same day, to celebrate a successful year's trial and the news that the Parish Church Council have approved its continued existence, the Bothy Garden Project (AKA Fetcham Community Garden) at St Mary's church will be holding a social/open hour, from 11am to noon.

World Population reaches 7 billion

October 31, 2011 10:40 by anneb

World’s population reaches 7 billion today - Monday October 31st  

I rather like this cartoon from http://subdude-site.com/WebPages_Local/Blog/topics/environment/enviro_worldPopGrowth_charts.htm which highlights part of the problem of this statistic but there are other problems!



According to the U.N. the world's population will reach 7 billion people today. Since the turn of the 20th century global population has soared from 2 billion in 1927 to 4 billion in 1974 and 6 billion in 1999. This has sparked all sorts of discussion over the past week.  For those of us concerned about the future of our planet this is rather depressing - all these extra humans apart from needing food - and millions of people are already undernoursihed - will use more of our scarce resources and cause more pollution and send even more of the other wonderful life forms we share our planet with, speeding to extinction.  Not that people aren't lovely but you can have too much even of a good thing!

Here in the UK, the Office for National Statistics has released projections showing that the current UK population of 62 million is rising at 0.8% a year and may increase to 73 million by 2035.  The carbon footprint (or impact on the Planet) of UK citizens is much greater than those living in Africa and most of Asia so rising population here and especially in the energy hungry USA is particularly worrying.  Here are some links to some excellent interactive websites which may help you understand why some of us are worried.


Another good website to exlore is http://populationmatters.org/


Funding Our Future

October 25, 2011 01:26 by richardm

The second recipient of a Green Mole Forum grant was Polesden Lacey Infant School, of Great Bookham, who will purchase solar kits to educate pupils about an energy source that will no doubt feature highly in their lives.

Pictured is Rosie Keedy, head teacher, accepting their £250 cheque from Anne Brewer, secretary of the GMF, after her recent presentation to Transition Bookham.

Mrs Keedy talked at length, and with great passion, about the numerous 'greening' activities (often suggested by pupils themselves, who have their own 'green team') undertaken at the award-winning Eco-School.

Initiatives range from awards for clean plates and floors at lunchtime (reducing food waste, whilst keeping the caretaker happy) and walking to school, to class Christmas cards (often made from re-used materials) rather than lots of individual ones, to toy-swaps, and litter-picks in the community.

Pupils grow fruit and veg (used in the school kitchen), in raised beds and a plastic bottle greenhouse, helped by composting and rain water collection. They picked blackberries in September for 'Crumble Rumble', where, along with local apples, they made themselves crumble for desert.

Green issues have proven to be a great motivator, with improved grades and enthusiasm, and work well within the curriculum, such as looking at food miles (geography). The only down side is that, upon moving on from Polesden, pupils find that these activites don't exist in their new schools.

The Green Mole Forum would like to help co-ordinate a greater exchange of ideas, and information on initiatives, amongst local schools. Our hope is to hold an event, perhaps in conjunction with the Effingham Learning Partnership, with Mrs Keedy passing on her experiences of gaining 'Green Flag' status. Do contact us if you'd like to take part.

Green Mole Funding

October 24, 2011 11:10 by richardm

Earlier this year the Green Mole Forum contacted a number of local organisations and schools, offering grants to help advance any 'greening' projects they might be considering or undertaking.

First to respond was The Leatherhead Residents' Association's Environmental Committee, who submitted a successful proposal to provide berry plants for Leatherhead Community Garden.

RHS Wisley's Rebecca Bevan, team leader for fruit and vegetables, inspected the site at West Hill School with the Community Garden Committee. After testing the soil she recommended preparation start now, but planting in March, when the ground begins to warm.

Pictured is Cheryl Allen, of the LRA, receiving their cheque for £250 from GMF treasurer Colin Brewer. Rebecca Bevan said that the money should go a long way toward ļ¬lling the garden's fruit cage.

Nurturing Our Future

October 11, 2011 04:54 by richardm

For Transition Bookham's Wednesday 19th October monthly open meeting, Rosie Keedy, head of Polesden Lacey Infant School, will be speaking about her award-winning eco-school, and how she’s encouraging future generations to care for their planet. This will be followed by free refreshments (donations gratefully received) and then discussion.

As usual, the meeting will be held in the St Nicolas Pastoral Centre, Bookham, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. The Centre is at the rear of St Nicolas' churchyard, with access behind the clock tower, or beside 'Heads Up' barbers in Church Road.

Apple Days

October 10, 2011 03:40 by richardm

Transition's Ashtead and Dorking are both holding Apple Days, a chance to celebrate the bumper harvest and make fresh pressed juice.

Transition Ashtead's event is on Saturday 15th October, at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 10am to 4pm, whilst Transition Dorking's event is on Saturday 22 October, in front of Barclays Bank on the High Street, from 9am to 2pm, see the links for full details.

There are over 7,500 varieties of apple worldwide, which means you could eat an apple a day for more than 19 years, and never eat the same kind twice!

Visit To Compost Works

September 22, 2011 17:32 by richardm

On Saturday 1st October, Transition Bookham will be paying a visit to Compost Works in Fetcham. If you'd like to join them, from 10.30am, please send them an email so they have an idea of numbers.

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