Local Groups

This page lists groups in the Mole Valley area who you can contact for help, support, and information. For more general information you can also check out the links page.


Groups with environmental focus


Low carbon activities


Do not forget that not using goods is the first option, recycling is only second best (Reduce - re-use - recycle). Never throw anything useful into skips; there are nearly always people who will be interested in your unwanted things and will even pick them up from your doorstep. See the Freecycle links below.

Rather than taking stuff to the tip or chucking it in the bin let people who have a need for it come and take it off your hands. Sign up to Freecycle, offer your unwanted stuff, and let them come and take it away. On Feecycle you can also post 'wanted' ads. All free.



Green neighbours

Local council

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