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October 25, 2011 01:26 by richardm

The second recipient of a Green Mole Forum grant was Polesden Lacey Infant School, of Great Bookham, who will purchase solar kits to educate pupils about an energy source that will no doubt feature highly in their lives.

Pictured is Rosie Keedy, head teacher, accepting their £250 cheque from Anne Brewer, secretary of the GMF, after her recent presentation to Transition Bookham.

Mrs Keedy talked at length, and with great passion, about the numerous 'greening' activities (often suggested by pupils themselves, who have their own 'green team') undertaken at the award-winning Eco-School.

Initiatives range from awards for clean plates and floors at lunchtime (reducing food waste, whilst keeping the caretaker happy) and walking to school, to class Christmas cards (often made from re-used materials) rather than lots of individual ones, to toy-swaps, and litter-picks in the community.

Pupils grow fruit and veg (used in the school kitchen), in raised beds and a plastic bottle greenhouse, helped by composting and rain water collection. They picked blackberries in September for 'Crumble Rumble', where, along with local apples, they made themselves crumble for desert.

Green issues have proven to be a great motivator, with improved grades and enthusiasm, and work well within the curriculum, such as looking at food miles (geography). The only down side is that, upon moving on from Polesden, pupils find that these activites don't exist in their new schools.

The Green Mole Forum would like to help co-ordinate a greater exchange of ideas, and information on initiatives, amongst local schools. Our hope is to hold an event, perhaps in conjunction with the Effingham Learning Partnership, with Mrs Keedy passing on her experiences of gaining 'Green Flag' status. Do contact us if you'd like to take part.

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